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Gardening at It's Finest

Dec 10, 2022Jackie Sons

It's official: the horticulture industry is expected to continue to grow as we move into 2022, mainly driven by the younger generation of gardeners who have picked up the hobby during the pandemic. According to one recent study, 62% of respondents said they planned to continue planting over the next year, and 76% of the millennial generation, in particular, said they were expecting to plan more than they had in 2021. Much of this is driven by people spending more time at home than ever while at the same time looking for any opportunity they can to get outdoors. But for those entering the hobby for the first time, one should keep in mind to ensure that your efforts are as successful as you want them to be. 

Determine What You're Trying to Grow Ahead of Time 

When you first enter gardening as a hobby, the possibilities can seem limitless. Are you trying to grow perennials you will eventually cut for your flower vases? Do you want to spruce up your yard in a way that makes outdoor spaces more enjoyable? It would help if you planned things to develop the right strategy, which will dictate your next decision. 

Climate Matters in More Ways Than One 

Likewise, it's important to remember that not all areas of the country are created equally. It is especially true if you're planting items you want to see return again year after year. Which plants will be successful in Cleveland, Ohio, will be wildly different from those that would be successful in an area like southern California. The climate in your area directly impacts the type of soil you're working with, which dictates what plants you can grow successfully. Speaking to other hobbyists - or even professionals- is essential before you set out on your hobby gardening plan. For example, the experts at Nance Plants leverage IP zone detectors to narrow down the choices exponentially to help gardeners know what they're working with. They take all of the guesswork out of the equation - they consider soil composition, environmental requirements, and more. 

Ground Preparation is Also Pivotal 

Many people new to the hobby make the mistake of assuming that one should buy a few seeds, plant them in the ground and wait for nature to take its course. It's an understandable point of view, but it could be more accurate to your goal. Before planting anything, the soil needs to be maintained in a way that makes it as loose as possible. Likewise, one should water it ahead of time to ensure it is dry enough. It is true regardless of what the recent weather happens to be. It will allow the root system of whatever you choose to plant a better opportunity to take hold, which will also help your items last longer. 

Don't Forget About the Sun, it determines your Garden's success or failure

One of the most common mistakes new gardeners make is not paying attention to where they're planting about the path of sunlight in their area. Before starting, take a few days to observe how the sun moves throughout the area in your backyard. Most experts agree that if you're planning on planting something like vegetables or herbs, you would need to do so in a position that consistently gets at least six hours of sun to be successful.

Don't Neglect the Frost - Timing is Everything 

Frost happens when the ground outside your planning area gets colder than its dew point. During this time, water vapor in the area gets so cold that it freezes - which can significantly negatively impact everything you've planned if you're not careful. It is why people say that you can only plant early enough in the season and early enough. At a bare minimum, you need to look online at your area's average spring frost date to know exactly when your new items can go into the ground. If you're planning on planting anything edible, you also need to know the fall frost date to know precisely when to bring them indoors. In the end, both old and new homeowners have taken to hobby gardening more than ever. Another recent study indicated that about 82% of people said their gardening efforts were successful in 2021 - a hobby expected to continue well into the new year. With this volume of people coming to gardening for the first time, it's no wonder the industry has experienced massive success since the onset of the pandemic. Everything happening right now is one trend that all are collectively happy to see moving forward.

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