Plant Donation Program

We work hard to give something back to the environment. Forest fires and other natural phenomena have destroyed hundreds of hectares of forest.

Native plants are destroyed annually, and we want to help provide them to less fortunate areas and help save these native plants.
We provide a variety of plants that are guaranteed to impress your landscape design.
Disclaimer** Availability is subject to vary.
Examples of what we can send: We ship live mosses, ferns, perennials, and ground covers all year round, so this is an excellent opportunity to use them in the free plants you'll receive.
If you're from an environmental company, university, or government organization or just running your website or blog, we'd love to send you FREE live plants. Gardeners and companies in our niche are ideal candidates.
If you own a website or blog, we ask for a banner link from your site to our home page. As long as the link is live and active, we will send two shipments yearly. Size of shipment (numberĀ of plants varies). Please send us an email for more details.

If you don't fall into the eligibility category but are still interested in our fundraising program, please email us to see if you qualify.