Healthy Plant Guarantee

One Year Healthy Plant Guarantee

Perennial Flowers, Ferns and Groundcovers

Death loss is possible with any living plant, whether it is in a container or has bare roots. A survival rate of 100 percent is almost impossible. Send an email to or call at 931-779-3512 with details of your loss if your newly purchased plants suffer a loss during their first year despite the care instructions on our website. Any plant that dies within the first year will be replaced by Nance Plants with an in-store credit equal to the purchase price, minus shipping, as stated on our website. The plants will only be replaced once by Nance Plants. Nance Plants might request a soil sample for evaluation purposes if the plants were planted in conditions that are harmful to their health, such as poor soil conditions, high mineral levels, or other conditions. Our guarantee is null and void. We do not issue refunds, but if all warranty conditions are met, we will gladly replace the plant or plants under our guarantee. Nance Plants must be notified of any claims under warranty within a year of the date that your plants were delivered to the address specified on your order. Nance Plants will not honor claims received after one year of delivery. Only the original shipping address will be used to receive replacement products. No claims will be accepted if the shipping address differs from the original. We will gladly provide a replacement if we are currently out of the plant, or you can wait until the next shipping season in your area. As stated above, you will be held responsible for payment. Plants planted in fill, scraped ground, or unsuitable for those species, as described in the website's information, are not covered by our guarantee. Weather, livestock, drought, acts of mother nature, insecticides or herbicides, fires, floods, etc.—anything that harms plants. Are not included in this assurance. Our guarantee will not cover plants planted in zones not recommended for them. On each product page, zones are displayed. We may require a soil test to determine issues with soil compatibility in the event of multiple claims or excessive losses.


All trees are guaranteed for 30 days. In the event your tree dies under the conditions listed above we will ask for photos, and once verified we will issue a one time in store credit (shipping not included) to reorder your tree. 

No refunds. All sales final.